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    Photography project -- trans models wanted!


    Photography project -- trans models wanted!

    Postitamine by Torian/Amaranta on 11/1/2016, 01:14

    I thought you may be interested. I am trying to arrange to meet him in Estonia. I guess it is more likely the photographer will come if there is more than one model in Estonia. So let him know if you're also interested in participating. Cheers!

    From: Mr. L. Weingarten ( LW ) [
    Sent: 22 December 2015 13:16

    My name is LW. I'm an American photographer currently traveling through Europe until the end of January and am currently in the Czech Republic. I have been working on a project since 2008 called "A Series of Questions," which is about the questions transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people are asked. Images can be seen at:
    I am writing to see if you might be able to pass on this message to organizations or individuals that may be interested in participation. I am happy to hear from anyone interested in participating, regardless of location.
    I only speak English, but people are welcome to contact me in other languages if they do not know English. I can use Google Translate and my assistants to help with translation.
    All participants have to sign a photo release form to participate and on the form they can indicate what, if any, information I am permitted to share in connection with their image, such as their first name or where the photo was taken. If they don't want any information connected to their image that is completely fine. The safety and privacy of the people I photograph is always my highest priority.
    If anyone has any questions or concerns, they can contact me directly Thank you for taking the time to read my email!
    Mr. L. Weingarten ("LW")


    Call for Participants:
    Dutch (from my Dutch assistant):

      21/4/2018, 03:16