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    May 24 / Gender*in*Transition@Ylase: trans activism in Barcelona


    May 24 / Gender*in*Transition@Ylase: trans activism in Barcelona

    Postitamine by Torian/Amaranta on 17/5/2016, 13:39

    Trans activist from Barcelona is coming to Tallinn!

    What is it like being trans in Spain? Is it easy to access hormones? Does social security pay for the transition process? Do we need to go through a gender therapist/psicologist/psichiatrist? Is it possible to change the sex marker and name on the ID as a trans person? What requirements do they ask for? I will speak a little bit about the different ways to medically transition in Spain, the different health protocols that exist, and the legal procedures related to transition (name change).

    How is trans activism in Spain? Are there any trans groups/associations? What kind of activities do they organise? In which areas do they work? I will speak about how trans activism has been evolving in Barcelona, what challenges we are facing now, and which areas we are focusing on.

    Bart Bloem is a trans and genderqueer identified person, who started transitioning and have been (and still are) involved in activism in Barcelona and Sevilla. Bart will speak from a first person point of view about their own experiences as a trans person, and his transition process. 

    The intention is to create a safe space where we can discuss and learn form each other, learn about other activist movements and discover and create new ways to work together.

    Target group: trans* and transgender people, people unaware about their gender, people not concerned about their gender, people who lost, found, forgot their gender and everybody else.

    * free entrance
    * language: English, Estonian, Russian (we'll interpret each other Smile
    * we will offer tea, coffee and vegan snacks

    * safe space (we reserve the right to kick someone out if you disrespect any of us or are an asshole)
    * you can bring your own drinks and snacks
    * donations welcomed
    * hetero and cis-friendly space
    * not accessible for wheelchairs, but we can fix it with transfeminist human power

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