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    Legal gender recognition in Estonia


    Legal gender recognition in Estonia Empty Legal gender recognition in Estonia

    Postitamine by Marcus Teis 13 Okt 2015, 15:13

    For the gender reassignment process person has to go through the following steps:

    1. In Estonian capital city (Tallinn) is reception of the psychiatrist every Estonian trans person has to see in the beginning of their journey - Imre Rammul. He will assess if this person is mentally stable. ( - web page is also in English)
    2. Next is a visit to geneticist who will assess your chromosomal gender.
    3. Then you will meet a commitee of experts (including dr Rammul). They will see if you are having a gender dysphoria. Also they need to see the document from the geneticist about the chromosomal gender (digitally signed document can also be sent to dr Rammul by the e-mail).
    4. Next you have to write an application to the minister of social affairs to be allowed to hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
    5. Minister of social affairs issues a directive. The reply might take several months. After that you visit the endocrinologist who measures your hormonal levels and issuess a recipe for the hormones. The hormones are covered for Estonian citizen 50% by the health insurance.
    6. After two years (in some occasions after one year) of hormone replacement therapy you will meet the commitee of doctors second and last time. When passed, you can change your name, gender mark and social security number and live fully in your actual (desired) gender.


    • The legal gender recognition in Estonia is not separated from the medical procedures.
    • You have to be at least 18 years of age.
    • The surgery is not compulsory, but you have to be two years on hormone replacement therapy before you are allowed to change your ID.
    • You don't have to become sterilised.
    • You don't have to divorce, but the marriage is void after changing the gender mark (at least until the civil partnership law is legislated and then the couple should register the partnership in new form).

    Good luck! Further questions are welcome (here in forum or by private message).

    Legal gender recognition in Estonia Idl_lo10

      Nelj 06 Okt 2022, 09:19