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    If You Want to be a Trans Ally, Declare Your Pronouns


    If You Want to be a Trans Ally, Declare Your Pronouns

    Postitamine by Marcus on Reede 17 Märts 2017, 15:32

    "If something as innocuous as that annoys us, we can’t imagine what it would feel like to have complete strangers call one of us ma’am; we can’t imagine feeling as if our own body were declaring us something we’re not."

    Tekst on suunatud eelkõige geimeestele, aga muidugi ka kõigile teistele toetajatele.

    my freedom comes from the inside

    Re: If You Want to be a Trans Ally, Declare Your Pronouns

    Postitamine by delenn on Püh 26 Märts 2017, 13:59

    See lõik iseloomustab päris tabavalt miks meeste poolt, nii cis gay meeste kui ka cis hetero maskuliinsete meeste poolt on keeruline mõista ja aktsepteerida transnaisi. Nad oleks nagu meessoo reetnud.

    Guys who consider themselves masculine—who have never desired to be women or to even just wear women’s clothes—want nothing to do with guys who are effeminate. It’s no surprise, then, that trans women make us so uncomfortable. Their existence threatens our own masculinity because people who don’t understand the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation see trans women and think they’re just gay guys in dresses; they think they are, in a sense, what all gay men want to be—the gayest of the gays. So we lash out. Instead of calmly explaining to those who are misguided that “gay” and “transgender” are not points on a spectrum, we establish the difference between the two by saying that one is acceptable, but the other isn’t.

      Laup 16 Veeb 2019, 02:59